Upcoming: Artblock Ecologies  
We are going to be Artists in Residence at Artblock this Spring working collaboratively to co-deisgn a body of work with the young people living in the surrounding Sceaux Gardens Estate. We will be looking at the local ecology: what human and non-human life can we hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel, and what possible ways of being can we amplify, stregthen or develop?


Our Future Libraries. More info here.

The Weather or not Station. More info here

Bow Skills Workshop: reflecting on the ecology of our artistic practices. More info here.

Sound As Material
Throughout November 2022, we collaborated with older people based in Camden, Brent and surrounding boroughs through the Kilburn Older Voices Exchange (KOVE) to explore stories and memories of their surrounding area using sound, creating a layered soundscape over the course of the sessions. Looking at the ways sound can be used as a creative material; experimenting with accessible techniques and processes such as deep listening, using archival sound, field recording, editing, storytelling, narration and the voice.

Mapping Ecologies - CCA
Mapping Local Ecologies present a schedule of regular events and activities aimed at re-discovering and re-engaging with historical and newfound narratives within the locale of New Cross and South East London at large.On this walk from Lewisham Arthouse to Deptford we played a game of Wayward Bingo that we has designed, identifying the areas of the area that had been newly developed, were private, blocked off, or corporate, mapping the changing area.