As We Play Together, We Hold It Together

Against the Run of Play created a temporary football pitch on the Meadow, in South Bermondsey. Kneed was invited, aong with three other artists, to interpret and create an aspect of the pitch, from the ball, to bibs, the goals, pitch marcation and the corner flags. The pitch and game were set to narrate the local area and the change it is currently undergoing, heavily impacted by rapid regeneration.

The event was contributing to programming on the Meadow as part of the Summer Festival, organised by Jupiter Woods / Bridgehouse Gardens in collaboration with Avalon Cafe, Ormside and Venue MOT. Together, these venues ran a programme of events, activities & art commissions aimed at engaging local artists & residents. 

Against the Run of Play is a curatorial project focused on female, non-binary and queer engagement with football. We’ve produced art events and workshops, commissioned artworks, new writing and conversation, to champion and empower fans and players, whilst contributing to the critical discourse around gender, representation and football culture.