When You Come, We Know We Are Not Forgotten

The above video is part 2 of 3.  When You Come, We Know We Are Not Forgotten, taken from a line said by one of the resident collaborators, is a sound piece made in a North London care home. Made in collaboration with elderly residents, care professionals Cathy and Lynda and Magic Me. In response to the difficult COVID years, this soundscape, filled with karaoke and storytelling, documents the care home as a space of imagination and is a celebration of the intimacy and tenderness of care work.

This sound piece has been shared in various formats, including at a Listening Party with all its makers at Waltham Forest Care Home, as a broadcast on Montez Press Radio, at Matchstick Piehouse pub as part of Mince, and as part of NC Live: Listening.
The above audio is one of three parts of the sound piece.